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Hookah Misha - Rebel Ferra Red

Height without flask: 35 cm

Weight: 3990 g

Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, polyacetal, powder paint

Saucer diameter: 159 mm

Submersible shaft inner diameter: 11 mm

Thread Pitch: 1.5mm

Color: Ferra Red

Accessories: shaft, saucer, hose, mouthpiece, diffuser, gasket kit.

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Model Rebel from Misha is made of high quality stainless steel and polyacetal, which gives the hookah longevity. 

The base is made of polyacetal and has a beautiful horizontal blow-through. The hose port is connected by quality and reliable magnets. 

The saucer is black powder-coated with hot-coal protection and has a unique balaclava-like keychain. 

At the tip of the immersion tube is a detachable diffuser. 

MISHA Rebel is a great option as a first hookah that will delight in appearance and last for many years.

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