Iron Rose Russian Hookahs

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We offer to choose and buy Iron Rose Hookahs at Hookah Market online store in Dubai. The site is regularly updated with new models of products that are perfect for both home use and for customers in bars.

What's special about Iron Rose Hookahs

What's special about Iron Rose Hookahs

These are quality products from a company that produces in Krasnodar (Russia). Iron Rose Hookahs have:

  • Bowl connector with heat-resistant o-rings. It means that one bowl can be replaced with another, and there is no need for a seal.
  • A saucer with efficient heat dissipation from the shaft. The coals do not cause the parts of the shisha to overheat and melt. If necessary, the bowl is easy to remove and put back without the risk of burning your hands.
  • You can adjust the draw by choosing strong, medium, or weak. The diffuser provides 3 degrees of vibration. You can smoke the way you like.
  • Hose with fast lock connection increases comfort and speed of assembling the shisha before use.
  • The mouthpiece is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel. Many models have engraved this hookah part, making it look stylish.


How much do hookahs in this series weigh?

It depends on the specific model. On average, the shisha of this line weighs about 2kg.

What is included in the shisha set?

It also depends on the specific model. Usually, the kit includes a shaft, diffuser, saucer, hose, mouthpiece, and a set of seals. If you need a hookah with a flask in the kit, look at the products of other brands, such as Alpha Hookah.

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