Y.K.A.P Russian Hookahs

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AED 180
Russian Hookah Y.K.A.P. Eco E2
Height: 50 cm
Available: 146 pcs
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AED 200
Russian Hookah Y.K.A.P. Killer K2
Height: 47 cm
Available: 1 pcs

Buy Y.K.A.P Hookahs at Hookah Market online store in Dubai if you like simple solutions without complicated design tricks. Pick the right height and place your order through the website.

About Y.K.A.P Russian Hookahs brand

The brand is distinguished by its detailed approach to creating its hookahs. These products combine:

event_available High-quality materials.

It is designed for prolonged exposure to hot vapor.

construction An outstanding technical component.

Each part is processed at the factory on ultra-precise equipment. Innovative technologies are used.

auto_awesome Exclusive design.

The manufacturer attracts experts to develop a pattern for saucers and stems so you get pleasure even when looking at your shisha.

All this provides a unique smoking experience.

What materials are Y.K.A.P. Hookahs made of?

Mostly stainless steel and German polyacetal like for Russian Hookah Y.K.A.P. Eco E2.

What is the height of these hookahs?

The height of the stem of the shisha can be different and depends on the specific model. On average, it is about 50cm.

Buy Y.K.A.P Hookahs from the Hookah Online Store in Dubai to allow yourself to enjoy a long time smoking without compromising on quality. The Mattpear Russian Hookahs are available with more original stems.