Anima Hookahs

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Hookah Anima ETERNAL BLACK, Black floor stand
Height: 72 cm

Hookah Market online store in Dubai offers to buy Anima Hookahs. Our consultants will tell you about the products' features and help you place your order correctly.

What makes the Anima Hookahs series different

It is a case where products are distinct from analogs from other manufacturers. The Czech brand has done everything to stand out and offer all lovers of smoking a truly unique shisha.

Models of Anima Hookahs, which are presented on our site, have such features as:

4 Wide tube

It will please those who like adding fruit pieces to their shisha. The design of these products will allow you to do this. In addition, it is easy to clean and disassemble.

1 Unusual shape

It is radically different from anything you have seen before. Hookahs do not have a classic silhouette. The shisha looks more like a fancy capsule on an elegant stand that creates a feeling of floating above the table or floor. It is a designer flask and a stylish interior element that will provide you with a stunning level of smoking.

2 Expensive materials

Glass, ceramic, and metal are used to produce the shisha. It looks more spectacular than most analogs and is truly mesmerizing in its appearance.

3 The rich colors

Black, smoky gray, bronze, metallic blue, and white - these shades will please those who do not like simple solutions and bright colors. These hookahs are about status, luxury, and pleasure. The upper part can be matte to create a velvety or glossy shiny effect.

How much do Anima Hookahs weigh?

About 6kg.

Are these hookahs meant to be placed on the floor or a table?

Order Anima Hookahs from Hookah Market online store in Dubai and enjoy smoking at the highest level. If you like modern designs but the products seem too unusual, check out Mexanika Smoke Russian Hookahs. Its style and minimalism in bright colors that you might want more.

The series includes table-top (like Hookah Anima PLATINUM) and floor (Hookah Anima WHITE) models. They differ in types of stands. However, no one will forbid you to use the purchased shisha how you want as long as it is safe for you and the people around you.