Upgrade (UPG) Bowls / Heads

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Shisha Head / Bowl UPG Big
Bowl Type: Turkish
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Shisha Head / Bowl UPG Phunnel New
Tobacco consumption: 8-11g
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Shisha Head / Bowl UPG Standard
Tobacco consumption: 15-20g

Visit the Hookah Market online store in Dubai to order Upgrade (UPG) Bowls for bar or home smoking. Our consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Who makes Upgrade Heads, and what are they made of

These bowls are made by a talented Russian craftsman from St. Petersburg. The ceramic artist Alexander Vavilov invented them in his studio in 2012. In 2016, his products won one of the JohnCalliano Awards prizes.

The heads resemble the classic "Turkish" but are more elongated, with thick walls, narrow sides, and small openings. Bowls are made from a faience-majolica mixture called "white clay." It provides the product with strength, durability, and heat resistance. The heat comes in evenly, allowing the tobacco to gradually reveal its flavor.

Upgrade (UPG) Bowls / Heads

Advantages of Upgrade Form Bowls

Among the advantages of products can be called:

01 Large capacity.

Even a small bowl can be filled with up to 17g of mixture. This allows you to smoke alone or with friends at home or in a bar.

02 Not much tobacco goes into the flask.

This is a definite plus for all shisha smokers. This is possible thanks to the small number of holes and special design.

03 The elaborate edges.

On them, the foil holds well, and it is convenient.

04 Easy to use.

You don't need any special knowledge of hookah art to use these bowls. All you have to do is put the mixture, the foil with the coals, and heat for four minutes. The tobacco will not burn in such a bowl, even at the wrong temperature.

05 Good draught and easy smoking.

Bowls are deep enough and have thick walls. The location of the holes is well thought out. It allows the mixture to warm up well and smoke it easily.

I'm buying my first shisha. Will these bowls work for me?

Yes, these heads are made for beginners. They are nice and easy to use. Without experience, you will not hurt yourself or burn the mixture because these bowls have thick walls. Upgrade (UPG) Bowls are compatible with most Russian Hookahs. Choose the right size.

How do I know what size I need?

Base your decision on how many people will smoke with you and how long you plan to do it. For larger groups and longer smoking periods, you will want a head, such as the Shisha Head / Bowl UPG Big.

Choose your model of Upgrade Form Heads and order it from our online store Hookah Market in Dubai.