Werkbund Hookahs

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Hookah Werkbund Maverick 2.0 Zeus (with Flask)
Height: 55 cm

The Hookah Market online store in Dubai offers to order Werkbund Hookahs for use at home or in a bar. Let yourself enjoy these exquisite products wherever you like.

Features of the Werkbund Hookahs series

These are hookahs that look oriental. All this creates a unique atmosphere in the process of smoking, adding to the aesthetic pleasure. Even looking at these hookahs is very enjoyable.

The characteristics of Werkbund Hookahs:


Dark silicone hose with a modern mouthpiece and hand grip.


Flat saucer of the classic type.


Wooden inserts on a stem.


Traditional vase-shaped flask tapered at the top.

How the models of Werkbund Hookahs differ

You can order a shisha:

  • With dark or light, transparent or opaque flask.
  • Different height.

High-quality stainless steel is used for the production of all models.


What grade of stainless steel is used to produce these hookahs?

High-quality stainless steel AISI 304. It is a material suitable for interaction with foodstuffs, resistant to acids, corrosion, and high temperatures.

Wood is used for the individual parts of the shisha. Is it a durable material?

All wood overlays are made of stabilized wood, which is moisture-resistant. It means it will not begin to rot, deteriorate, and last long, providing a great look for the item.

Does the flask come with the hookah?

For most models like Hookah Werkbund Maverick 2.0 Lumos and the similar, yes. However, study the product card carefully before ordering. It always states what is included in the product.

Order stylish Oriental-style Werkbund Hookahs from the Hookah Market online store in Dubai. They will please you with both design and functionality. Also, hookahs of a similar type, but with a more original design, are presented in the Maklaud Russian Hookahs series.