Mamay Russian Hookahs

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Order Mamay Hookahs from Hookah Market online store in Dubai if you want original designer shisha that helps you express yourself and get the most out of your smoking experience. Ask questions about any item to our consultants.

Benefits of Mamay Hookahs

Let's list the facts that will help you learn more about the strengths of this brand of hookahs:

02 A wide model range.

Bright colors, decor in the form of springs, shaped overlays, wood, metal, different shapes and sizes - whatever you are looking for, you will likely find it right here.

01 Production of the items began back in 2015.

All this time, the brand improves the design and offers new ideas in the following models. These products are high quality and aesthetically interesting.

03 Custom items

It means that you can order the shisha's finalization to the look you need. As a result, you get a hookah that meets your needs and is absolutely unique.

What coating options do you have for the shaft?

The Mamay Russian Hookahs series offers products with anodized, painted stems, as well as with a print.

What is the height of Mamay Russian Hookahs?

Mamay Hookahs from Hookah Store in Dubai is the choice of those who want a special product. You can also check out the original models in other categories on the site. Look at the section with Craft Hookahs. Choose for your taste.

The manufacturer offers models in sizes micro, mini, and big. Height from 38cm and above. See this parameter in the card of the shisha of interest on the website.