Capsule Russian Hookahs

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Hookah Capsule Composite Lite
Height: 48 cm
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Hookah Capsule Composite One Black
Height: 48 cm
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Hookah Capsule Composite One Deep Blue
Height: 48 cm

We offer to order Capsule Hookahs through the online store Hookah Market in Dubai. We deliver the selected shisha to any country in the world. Quality products are offered in a wide range.

Why choose Capsule Hookahs

These are products in a rugged design for those who prefer reliable constructions, long smoking, and are not ready to compromise on quality.

When you buy these hookahs, you get the following:


A design made of quality food-grade stainless steel.


A shisha made with the knowledge of experienced hookah smokers.


Reliable and durable product that will serve for many years.


Universal hookah is perfect for smoking at home, in a big company, or a bar.

Is it possible to buy such shisha in a set with a flask?

Currently, all the presented products do not have the flask in the set. It is always noted in the product card. But you can buy the flask additionally. The hookahs of this series have a standard attachment. It will not be a problem.

What do Capsule Russian Hookahs come with?

Most models are added with stem, saucer, silicone hose, mouthpiece, and grommets. It can be seen in the card of the product you are interested in.

Polyacetal is used in the construction of hookahs. What kind of material is it?

Buy Capsule Hookahs from Hookah Market online store in Dubai and get a stylish hookah with a strong and durable design. You can also order a shisha bag for convenient transportation if it is important to avoid parting with it on trips and travels.

It is a polymeric, synthetic material, an analog of plastic. Its properties are high density, elasticity, low weight, and resistance to any aggressive environment, including smoke, acids, oils, and hot liquid. It does not emit harmful substances and does not become worn out for a long time, so it is often used in the construction of some parts of Hookah Capsule Composite Lite and other hookahs.