Craft Hookahs

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Order Craft Hookahs from Hookah Market online store in Dubai. A variety of sizes are available. Ask questions to our consultants to find out more about the delivery time of your order.

Craft Hookahs features

The Novosibirsk (Russia) company offers hookahs close to the classic shape but with colored flasks and original designs. It is a brand that is not afraid of experiments and is ready to provide customers with unique products that are easy and pleasant.

Among the specific features of Craft Hookahs:

01 Handmade flasks.

They can be colored, with a groove for illumination. You can visually monitor the water level in many flasks, which is very convenient - for instance, Russian Hookah Craft Gypsy Nano Silver. They are versatile and fit other brands' products, too.

02 The smooth polished and brushed stainless steel combination creates an interesting visual and textural contrast.

Look at the Hookah Craft Juno Gray to be sure.

03 Hose attachment o-ring.

A classic solution is implemented in these products, too.

The products are delivered in neat boxes. It adds pleasure to unpacking and assembling the hookah before the first smoke, facilitates its subsequent storage and transportation, and makes it a good gift.

Craft Hookahs product lines

You can buy the following:

  • Compact hookahs for camping, traveling, and picnics. Products have a height of about 30cm and are complemented by a special bag, where you can easily put all the parts, and there will be space for charcoal and other necessary accessories.
  • Hookahs from 40cm and up. Standard versions of the products, which are convenient to use in a stationary manner. It can have a mesh or one-piece saucer and various colored overlays.

Craft Hookahs

What materials are used to make Craft Hookahs?

For each shisha, it will be a different combination of materials. The brand uses food-grade stainless steel, anodized aluminum, plastic, polyacetal, glass, silicone, and magnetic parts.

Do I need to buy a travel bag for the Gypsy Nano in addition to the shisha?

No, it already comes with the hookah. The price on the site is how much you must pay for the complete kit, including the bag case, flask, and all the other components listed on the product card.

Choose the product that best suits your lifestyle and makes your smoking experience unforgettable. Buy Craft Hookahs at Hookah Market online store in Dubai. If you like unusual designs and transparent flasks in interesting shapes, also check out Hoob Russian Hookahs.