Coal Holders / Baskets

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In order to smoke hookah comfortably, you need to use many accessories. The basket for carrying coals is one of these parts, which will save time and ensure safety in the process of carrying hot coals. It is usually made in the form of a censer or a small ladle, holding up to 10 charcoal cubes.

In the online store HookahMarket you can buy charcoal burners. The catalog presents models of quality metal, which can be used both at home and in various bars, restaurants, hookah houses or nightclubs. To get more information from our managers who will help you choose the right model of accessories.

Coal Holders / Baskets

Shisha holders advantages

Using a hookah coal basket is necessary for the following reasons:

01 Safety:

Metal baskets are designed to hold hot coals and prevent them from falling out or rolling, which reduces the risk of burns or fire.

02 Convenience:

With a metal basket you can easily carry coals from the burner to the bong without touching them with your hands and without the risk of dropping them. This is especially relevant for establishments with a large number of guests. The presence of legs allows you to put the baskets on the surface.

03 Efficiency:

They allow you to carry several coals at once, which means you can load more coals into the hookah at the same time, saving time and effort.

04 Durability:

Metal withstands high temperatures, so they will not melt or deform over time like plastic or wooden models.

All in all, using a metal hookah charcoal transfer basket is a safe, convenient, and effective option that can improve your hookah smoking. HookahMarket offers a large range of hookah accessories. On the site you can choose and buy coal holders at incredibly favorable prices with delivery in just a few clicks. In the catalog there are ergonomic models of excellent quality that many of our customers have already appreciated.

Will the metal not melt from hot coals?

No, the metal will not melt, nor will it change color when in contact with the coals.

Does the handle of the censer get hot?

The handle is long, so the heat from the coals just won't reach it. Your hands will be safe.

What are the best tongs to use with the basket?

Absolutely all kinds, from the most budget ones to the most expensive designer ones. The height of the basket is high enough not to let the coals fall out, and to provide a comfortable grip with tongs.