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In our online store you can find a huge range of accessories for smoking hookah. In the catalog you will find forks for placing tobacco in the bowl. Beautiful design, excellent workmanship and excellent functionality will make them indispensable in the arsenal of any hookah user. Be sure to buy hookah tobacco forks for yourself or as a stylish gift!

Why do I need a fork for tobacco?

Many people wonder why they need a special fork for placing tobacco in the bowl, because you can use a simple fork, which is in every home. The fact is that, firstly, this fork has a special shape and edges, which are convenient to grasp tobacco and it will not "fall through" the prongs.

  • Hookah tobacco is often quite sticky and wet, so using a fork to stuff it into the bowl can help achieve an even and well-filled bowl.
  • Using a fork avoids getting tobacco on your hands, which can be messy and uncomfortable.
  • The awl on the other end of the fork will be handy to poke holes in the foil if necessary.

Shisha Awls

Shisha Forks with Delivery

Our online store Hookah Market offers to buy metal shisha forks from famous brands. They have an original design with forging and engraving, will be a great addition to your style and to the hookah itself. Free delivery can be arranged if the purchase amount exceeds 300 dirhams. In the catalog you can also choose other hookah accessories that will help you comfortably use coal or tobacco. Consultation is always available by calling +971 52 221 1623.

Do tobacco forks not rust?

All models in the catalog are made of quality alloys that are resistant to moisture from the tobacco mixture. The coating also protects the metal from rust.

Will the metal not stain from tobacco?

The body of the fork does not absorb odors from various tobaccos and cleans up perfectly with simple household remedies. It is better not to rub them with hard brushes so as not to scratch the coating. In addition, some models are sold with a special protective case for storage.

What is the best fork design to choose?

Here it does not matter what the design will be. There are longer or shorter models, but they are all 2 in 1 - one side of the fork and the other awl for foiling and sealing tobacco. The appearance does not affect the functionality in any way.