Maklaud Russian Hookahs

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Product Name
Price: Low to High
Price: High to Low
1 2 3 4 5
AED 12400
Hookah Maklaud Dragon (with flask)
Height: 62 cm
Available: 1 pcs
1 2 3 4 5
AED 7300
Hookah Maklaud Endo Immorta (with flask)
Height: 60 cm
Available: 1 pcs
1 2 3 4 5
AED 3200
Hookah Maklaud Helios Project 22
Height: 61 cm
Available: 1 pcs
1 2 3 4 5
AED 11300
Russian Hookah Maklaud Helios Project 19 (with a crystal flask)
Height: Medium (40-60cm)
Available: 1 pcs
Available: 3 pcs
1 2 3 4 5
AED 9800
Russian Hookah Maklaud Minotaur
Height: 70 cm
Available: 1 pcs
Available: 1 pcs
1 2 3 4 5
Out of Stock
Russian Hookah Maklaud Odyssey
Height: 55 cm

Hookah Market online store in Dubai offers to order Maklaud Russian Hookahs. We will tell you which shisha is more suitable for your purposes. You can ask our consultants any questions about the assortment of the site.

How Maklaud Russian Hookahs differ from similar products

These are not hookahs but true works of art. Each shisha model has a unique design, often with forging and stone inlay elements. These are full-fledged art objects that impress the imagination and take the idea of hookah smoking to a whole new level of aesthetics.

Maklaud Russian Hookahs

Which Maklaud Hookahs are available to order

Heroes of myths

Heroes of myths.

We have models with decorative elements in the form of:

Crystal flasks come with hookahs. They can be completely transparent, gray, or brown.

They are beautiful, refined, stylish, and very unusual.

What comes with the Maklaud Russian Hookahs?

Most models in this category come complete with a shaft, flask, saucer, soft-touch silicone hose, wooden mouthpiece, sealer for the bowl and the flask, spare valve ball, and diffuser. Please check this before ordering a particular item because equipment may vary.

Are the materials used to make these hookahs safe?

All parts are made of food-approved materials. It provides safe contact with steam and liquids when used as intended.

Indulge your aesthetic senses and buy Maklaud Hookahs from Hookah Market online store in Dubai. This purchase will make your smoking a pure masterpiece. Also, buy a stylish shisha personal mouthpiece to be always ready to smoke in a bar or at a party.