HookahJohn Shisha Bowls / Heads

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Bowl / Head HookahJohn Class
Tobacco consumption: 12-16g
Available: 66 pcs
Bowl / Head HookahJohn Espana
Tobacco consumption: 16-19g
Available: 81 pcs
Bowl / Head HookahJohn Ferris
Tobacco consumption: 12-14g
Available: 28 pcs
Bowl / Head HookahJohn Harmony
Tobacco consumption: 10-15g
Available: 41 pcs
Bowl / Head HookahJohn Shtrimony
Tobacco consumption: 17g
Available: 47 pcs
Bowl / Head HookahJohn SWIRL Harmony
Tobacco consumption: 10-15g
Available: 1 pcs
Bowl / Head HookahJohn Trimony
Tobacco consumption: 20-28g
Available: 36 pcs
Out of stock
Bowl / Head HookahJohn WIDE Gauge Harmony
Tobacco consumption: 10-12g

Order HookahJohn Shisha Bowls through Hookah Market in Dubai. We provide worldwide delivery. All products presented are original and of quality guaranteed by the manufacturer.

What's special about HookahJohn Shisha Heads

These products are from the famous hookah world blogger HookahJohn (John Naddour). Among the differences in items are the following characteristics:

01 Handmade.

Each bowl is a unique work of functional art. Masters make pieces by hand from clay. This makes each head unique.

02 Brilliant glaze.

All bowls of this series have a smooth coating. This allows it to reflect the heat and strongly warm the mixture.

03 Accordion-type inside.

The special shape of the stem with relief inside and outside creates a saturation of smoke and makes the process more varied.

04 These bowls perfectly reveal tobacco flavor and look stylish on hookahs

which is closer to traditional models like Aura Russian Hookahs and similar.

What models can I order?

On our website, we have mostly bowls with one center hole. You will see notched models like the Shisha Bowl / Head HookahJohn Trimony and smooth ones like the Bowl / Head HookahJohn Harmony.

I've heard that these bowls are suitable for densely clogged large quantities of tobacco. Is it true?

It depends on the type of bowl. We have models in our catalog which hold from 10g to 28g of tobacco. This information is specified on the card of each head.

Hookah Market online store in Dubai allows you to order your favorite HookahJohn Shisha Heads for your shisha. Enjoy smoking and author products in a unique design.