Shisha Molasses Catchers

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Molasses Catcher Hoob Mola Black
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Molasses Catcher Y.K.A.P. m14x1 Mini Ego
Size: 14x1 mm

At Hookah Market online store you can choose and buy Molasses catchers for hookahs from famous brands Y.K.A.P.; Target; Alpha Hookah; Matt Pear; Catcher Design, which are known for their high quality worldwide. This accessory ensures the purity of the shaft and flask, as a result, the water does not contain particles of tobacco and does not take on an unpleasant yellow color while smoking. Excess syrup that flows out of the bowl during the smoking process will not cause you discomfort.

Benefits of Molasses Catchers

Molasses catchers for hookahs gives you many benefits in the process of using the hookah:


It captures any molasses or liquid that might accidentally spill out of the bowl. This makes the smoking process cleaner and more enjoyable.


By catching excess molasses, the accessory can help prevent the bowl from getting too wet, which can weaken the flavor. This means that you can enjoy the full flavor of your bong.


Cleaning the bong bowl can be a hassle, especially if the molasses is stuck on the sides. The molasses catcher makes the process of washing your hookah much easier.

Overall, shisha molasses catcher can improve your hookah smoking by making it cleaner, more flavorful, and easier to maintain.

How to choose and buy a molasses catcher

  • Make sure the molasses catcher is compatible with your hookah. Check the diameter and length of the bottom to see if the molasses catcher you choose will fit securely.
  • Molasses catchers can be made of glass, acrylic or silicone as well as metal. Consider the durability and heat resistance of the material, as well as the ease of cleaning. We recommend the stainless steel models.
  • Design: some have multiple chambers or percolators for better filtration, while others are more simplified.
  • Consider the size of the catcher and the amount of liquid it can hold. A larger trap can hold more, but it can also increase the weight of your bong.
  • Consider your budget when choosing a molasses trap. Prices can vary greatly depending on material, design and brand.

In general, choose a hookah molasses catcher that attaches securely to your hookah, is made of durable and heat resistant material, has a design that fits your preferences, is the right size and fits within your budget. In catalog Hookah Market you will find the shisha molasses catcher that will meet all the above requirements and you will be able to place your order as quickly as possible. We work to delight our customers with accessories for stylish, "delicious" and safe smoking, such as shisha wind covers, kalauds, tongs, disposable and personal mouthpieces.

Molasses catcher for hookah

How to install the molasses catcher correctly?

The molasses catcher is threaded instead of the bowl connector and in daily use it is not necessary to unscrew and screw the accessory every time, just remove the saucer, which is attached by lapping to the shaft together with the catcher. Simple and easy to use.

Why does tobacco get into the flask?

The explanation is quite simple: syrup and tobacco get into the flask through the shaft and this makes the water turn yellow and the tobacco float inside. The molasses catcher will help to avoid this factor and make smoking more pleasant and aesthetic.

Where does the molasses catcher fit?

It is placed between the parts of the shaft, or between the shaft and the bowl.