Cosmo Bowl

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Shisha Bowl / Head Cosmo Bowl HoReCa Killer
Bowl Type: Evil

Order Cosmo Bowl from Hookah Market online store in Dubai. We offer worldwide delivery.

Features of Cosmo Bowl

These are heads from the brand from Yekaterinburg (Russia), which has been conquering the hookah market since 2013 - more than 10 years. All the bowls are made by hand. It takes about 3 days to produce one product. The author's drawings and reliefs allow the brand to achieve the highest quality and delight customers.

Ribbed feet are a distinctive feature of the series.

Cosmo Bowl products have the following advantages:


Provide a long smoking time.


Give you a high-flavor experience.


Excellent heat retention.


Made without chemicals that can affect the taste of tobacco.

Cosmo Bowl Dead products were voted best at the Hookah Club Show 2018.

What Cosmo Bowl products are available to buy

Models to order included:


Phunnel. Bowl on a stem with one hole in the middle, such as Bowl / Head Cosmo Bowl Mixology. It gives a good aroma and flavor and provides a slight aftertaste.


Turkish. Bowl in the shape of an inverted dome with several holes. Versatile and suitable for different types of tobacco. For example, Shisha Bowl / Head Cosmo Bowl Future Predator.


Evil. This product is a mix of the types mentioned earlier. It has a flat bottom, several holes, and thick walls. Check out the Shisha Bowl / Head Cosmo Bowl Dead Dragon in our catalog. The head is only suitable for heat-resistant mixes.

How and what are Cosmo Bowl products made from?

Highly processed, highly refined clay is used to make the heads. It is called shliker. The material is crushed for a day, poured into a mold, hand embossed, and put into a kiln for firing. The pigment is applied to the finished item.

Is it possible to put tobacco incorrectly and ruin such a bowl?

Each Cosmo Bowl product comes with a detailed manual, which tells you how to put tobacco properly, what kind of tobacco is preferable, and how to take care of the bowl to serve you for a long time. If you follow all the recommendations, the risk of ruining the head is minimal.

Order Cosmo Bowl at Hookah Market online store in Dubai if you want a good product made of quality clay. Also, check out Target Russian Bowls / Heads if you like more original ceramic items.