Target Russian Hookahs

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AED 685
Russian Hookah Target Estetic Steel 4.0
Height: 50 cm
Available: 2 pcs
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AED 540
Russian Hookah Target Estetic Steel Grey
Height: 50 cm
Available: 1 pcs
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Out of Stock
Russian Hookah Target Slim
Height: 50 cm

Order Target Hookahs at our Shisha Shop in Dubai. Quality products are available in an assortment.

About Target Russian Hookahs brand

These are products from a young, ambitious brand. In their production, the emphasis is placed on the quality of materials and durability. Distinctive features of this series of hookahs:

auto_awesome Traditional look.
bolt Minimalism.
construction Robust construction.

Production is subject to strict regulations, is environmentally friendly. Materials are carefully selected for the products. After collecting feedback, the designs are finalized.

The average height of Target Hookahs is about 50cm (for Russian Hookah Target Phantom SS - 54cm).

What material are these hookahs made of?

Stainless steel is used for the main parts. The hoses are made of silicone with normal or Soft Touch coating (for Russian Hookah Target Estetic Steel 4.0, for instance).

What is included in a hookah kit?

Most models will have a stem, saucer, silicone hose, mouthpiece, diffuser, grommets, and connectors. Kit may vary depending on the specific type of hookah. This information is always specified in the product card.

Does this brand's line of hookahs have non-traditional shapes?

Target Russian Hookahs are shisha in their traditional classic form. Consider the El Bomber Russian Hookahs series if you're looking for something more unusual. These are original models that look less traditional and more cheeky.

Buy Target Hookahs at Hookah Market in Dubai. You can pre-consult with the managers on WhatsApp chat or by phone.