Alpha Hookah

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Order Alpha Hookah from the Hookah Market online store in Dubai if you are the type of person who always needs more traditional classics. Contact our managers if you find choosing from the offered models difficult.

Alpha Hookah Features

These are modern hookahs, which are created for the pleasure of smoking. The brand spends a lot of time studying new products and tries to implement innovations in manufacturing quickly.

Alpha Hookah series is distinguished by:

  • Expressive design. These unique patterns and filigree engravings are difficult to confuse with other products. The company often experiments with forms.
  • Author's approach. Almost every new model is different from the previous one. The brand improves the design and quickly introduces innovations.


Which item from the Alpha Hookah series can you buy

You can choose the model:

With the right shade of flask (transparent, brown, gray, etc.).

The appropriate height (from 35cm like with Alpha Hookah Beat to Alpha Hookah Model ORO with its 53,5cm).

The necessary diameter of the stem (from 11mm).

Small hookahs are compact and easy to carry from one place to another. More spacious flasks and high stems suit smoking at a big party.

Why do these hookahs need a diffuser?

It is an important design detail that reduces the vibration of smoking, creates a dense stream of bubbles, and ensures a soft smoke.

Is the shisha collapsible? How are the individual parts held together?

Yes, the individual parts of the shisha are disassembled. Magnetic connections hold them together. It is a simple, reliable, and convenient way of fixation.

Place your order for Alpha Hookah at the Hookah Online Store in Dubai and own a stylish and functional item. Modern-style models are also available in the Misha Russian Hookahs series. Choose what suits your lifestyle best.