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It is impossible to smoke hookah without high-quality heated coals, which can be heated in different ways. The most comfortable will be the use of a special device - an electric stove, which will provide comfortable and safe heating without unnecessary heat, coal dust and risk of fire. In the Hookah Market catalog you will find these devices that will be indispensable for both home use and for the institutions.

Advantages of Electric Hookah Heaters

Here are some of the benefits of electric hookah heaters:

1 Safety.

Electric hookah heaters do not produce flames or hot coal ash, making them safer to use.

2 Consistent heat.

They provide a constant source of heat and even heating of the coals.

3 Ease of use.

Electric hookah heaters are easy to use. They just need to be plugged into a socket.

4 No smoke or charcoal ash.

Electric stoves heat coals more "cleanly", the ash does not fly in different directions.

5 Efficiency.

Heaters use little electricity while heating efficiently.

Using Electric Hookah Heaters

Many people prefer to heat coals on a conventional stove, but it is not quite right, because there is a risk of falling coal, which can scatter ash or burn the floor. An electric stove will solve these problems. In the catalog you will find models with one or two burners for a large company or for establishments to make several hookahs at once.

It is important to clean the stove regularly from ashes and unplug it when not in use. During use, you should be careful not to touch the heated elements and the coal itself with your hands, using special tongs or nets for this purpose.

HookahMarket offers to buy heaters for hookah charcoal at low prices. Call right now and order waterpipe smoking accessories that not only give you comfort and safety, but also greatly speed up the heating of the coal, which is especially important in institutions or large companies.

Coal burners for hookah

Won't the coating on the tile and the heating element come off?

The paint can come off with prolonged or heavy use. Also, if you overheat the coils, there will be a lot of heat and the coating can burn in places. But this is only rarely possible.

What kind of power supply can I connect the device to?

Standard 220V mains is suitable for operation.

Is it possible to rinse the tiles from the ashes?

It is necessary to do this, so that the device is not clogged and the ash does not spill out and do not create an unpleasant smell.