Alpha Hookah Russian Bowls / Heads

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Our Hookah Store in Dubai offers Alpha Hookah Bowls to all lovers of Turkish design products. Please write to our managers by email or WhatsApp to consult.

Who Alpha Hookah Russian Heads are for

These products will appeal to fans of Turkish-type bowls. They look traditional and go well with classic hookahs.

What's special about Alpha Hookah Heads

Among their features worth mentioning are the following:

  • Quality German ceramic construction, which is strong, durable, and heat-resistant.
  • Glazing the surface of the bowl. Thanks to this, the tobacco syrup is not absorbed into the surface, and the taste remains bright and rich. In addition, such bowls quickly heat up and warm the mixture because the cover reflects the temperature very effectively.
  • Versatility. The bowls are compatible with any raw material and suitable for heat controller use.

Alpha Hookah Russian Bowls / Heads

Are there bowls in the series without a glitter glaze?

The brand offers a variety of products. In particular, you can order the Bowl / Head Alpha Hookah Turk Design Black Matte. This model is also covered in glaze, but it is not shiny but matte, allowing it to reflect less heat.

How much tobacco are Turk Design Bowls designed for?

Most of the presented products are designed for 18-25g. This parameter is always listed on the product card.

What is the peculiarity of the Turkish bowl shape?

Among the differences in this design are the thick walls and round bottom. This form evenly warms all the tobacco, and smoking becomes easy and pleasant. Turkish bowl is good for beginners and can be used with any tobacco. It has a small size, and it is comfortable to use. This shape is unsuitable for liquid fillers because the syrup can spill into the shaft.

Order Alpha Hookah Bowls from our Hookah Store in Dubai and smoke with pleasure. Find more original high-stemmed clay bowls in the HookahJohn Shisha Bowls / Heads category.