Russian Hookahs

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At Hookah Market you can buy hookahs online from manufacturers in Russia and other countries. We offer stylish, practical, and comfortable models made of quality materials. This distinguishes them from their analogs and allows them to stand out among the products of other brands. Thanks to the unusual and unique design models will decorate the house and institution. You can easily find options for one person or a large company.

Here you can not only buy shisha from Russia online but also order their quick delivery. Check with our managers for details of the service.

Russian Hookahs

Advantages of our company

There are several reasons why you should buy hookahs from brands from Russia:


Russian manufacturers pay special attention to the quality of materials. Buying such models, you can't be afraid that the product will break after a few uses. Most often, companies use glass, stainless steel, and clay for ceramic parts, less common is plastic, etc;


The original, intelligent design of all the elements also distinguishes the brands' products. Among them, you can find both classic solutions and unique variations. Accordingly, you can buy a hookah online that will decorate your home or institution;


Russian manufacturers also offer different options for bundling. You can find separate mines and a complete assembly with a shisha flask, bowl, and saucer for charcoal and other elements. But it's also not uncommon for brands to make all the accessories in a series, so you can buy everything you need in a single style. But it also allows you to assemble your hookahs with the details you want and need.

At HookahMarket, you can buy online shisha from manufacturers Alpha Hookah, Maklaud, DSH, El Bomber, Nagrani, Hoob, etc. The catalog contains only original products we purchased directly from brands and reliable suppliers.

Why buy hookahs from Russia


All parts are made of high-quality materials.


Original and classic designs.


High-quality, factory-fitted - minimal rejects.


Available in compact and large single and party sizes.


Discover the taste of any tobacco with pleasure.


Designed for long life with easy care.

What to consider when choosing

If you buy an online hookah from manufacturers in Russia, there are a few subtleties to keep in mind. Based on them, you will find the best model for you:

arrow_upward Height

Depends on the place of use. For homes, enough products with a shaft height of 60 cm, but for the institution, you can look at larger products. Alternatively, there are compact versions to take with you wherever you go;

schedule Shelf life

If you want to buy shisha online for a long time, then buy models with shafts made of stainless steel. This material is more durable than others and is not prone to corrosion;

search Accessories

The price of hookah in Dubai depends largely on the quality of the parts, not the model's design. So it is worth paying attention to how they are made and from what materials.

You can also buy our hookah bowls, mouthpieces, tongs, bags, and other accessories. We offer only original products with delivery in Dubai and UAE.