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Hookah El Bomber - Igla Mihendi

Height: 45 cm

Weight with packaging: 1900g

Package dimensions: 32cm x 23cm x 10cm

Complete set: Shaft, Saucer, Hose, Mouthpiece, Seal kit

Country: Russia

Material: Stainless steel

AED 890

Available: 2 pcs

Hookah El Bomber Mihendi (El Bomber Mehendi) is an unusual authentic hookah in the Tatoo series. Served in a beautiful gift box with bright prints.

Why you should pay attention to this hookah:

The Needle model differs from others with its straight and sharp shapes, this hookah will always stand out and look different

The stainless steel materials of the hookah and the magnetic technology of the hose connector, which does not come into contact with water, make this hookah easy to use and reliable.

Bright prints in a unique style on the saucer and plate. Each tattoo model has a meaning

Mihendi - The art direction of body painting, most often with henna. Thin and graceful lines of painting were perfectly transferred to the hookah

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