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Alpha Hookah Model X SS Alpha of Hookah

Height: 42,5 cm

Complete set: stem, saucer, silicone hose Soft Touch, mouthpiece, diffuser, grommets.

Materials: high quality stainless steel, German polyacetal, anodized aluminum.

Country of origin: Russia

AED 915

Available: 46 pcs

The Alpha Hookah Model X SS is a proud winner of the JohnCalliano Awards 2018. This mini hookah hails from St. Petersburg and is 42 cm high. It is made from high quality stainless steel and is available with a variety of colorful finishes to suit any style.

One of the outstanding features of the Alpha Hookah Model X SS hookah is its vertical airflow and light draw, made possible by the detachable hookah diffuser. This ensures that every smoking session is smooth and enjoyable. In addition, the hookah has a seal that connects the rod and the flask, and a hose connector using magnets. These features make the Model X SS easy to set up and use, while also providing a snug fit and consistent smoking experience. The saucer, decorative overlay, base and mouthpiece are decorated with engravings in the corporate style.


  • All parts in contact with water (immersion tube, diffuser, skeleton, bowl connector, spout on the mouthpiece) are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Mouthpiece and decorative overlay are made of anodized aluminum painted with durable powder paint. The saucer is made of stainless steel, covered with heat-resistant powder paint.
  • The material of the base and connector is German polyacetal.

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