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Alpha Hookah Kappa Lime

Height: 52 cm

Complete set: stem, saucer, silicone hose Soft Touch, mouthpiece, diffuser, seal kit

Materials: high quality stainless steel, German polyacetal, anodized aluminum.

Country of origin: Russia

AED 875

Available: 15 pcs

The new model of the popular brand Alpha Hookah from St. Petersburg is made of stainless steel with an aluminum overlay. There are a large number of different colors in the range. Alpha Hookah is known for the fact that their hookahs have a beautiful vertical blowing and are made of high quality materials that will last a long time the owner. The thrust is light, and the connection between the shaft and the flask on the seal, and the connector under the hose - on magnets.


  • All parts in contact with water (immersion tube, diffuser, skeleton, bowl connector, spout on the mouthpiece) are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Mouthpiece and decorative overlay are made of anodized aluminium, painted with powder paint. The saucer is made of stainless steel and also covered with powder heat-resistant paint.
  • The material of the base and connector is German polyacetal.

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