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Alpha Hookah Beat Splash Dopey (Gray Flask)

The inner diameter of the submersible stem: 11 mm

The diameter of the saucer: 17 cm

Height with flask: 35 cm

Complete set: shaft, saucer, silicone hose Soft Touch, mouthpiece, diffuser, grommets, gray flask, magnetic connector, seal kit

Materials: high quality stainless steel, German polyacetal.

Country of origin: Russia

AED 800

Available: 30 pcs

Hookah "Alpha Hookah" is considered a hit of 2018 and a well-deserved hookah of 2019. The company that manufactures products was founded in 2015 in the cultural capital of Russia (St. Petersburg), and initially, it acted as a brand for the manufacture of unique mouthpieces. Only later did the idea come to make good quality hookahs. Thanks to the "Soft Touch" coated hose with a magnetic connector and a light diffuser draft, the hookah is more convenient than its competitors. The acceptable cost is explained by the production facilities, which allow you to set your prices. These hookahs will be great helpers for brightening up pastimes with friends, relatives, and comrades.

A completely new special edition for the BEAT model. In it, we decided to add more colors to your holiday! Be bright with BEAT SPLASH!

The new mini hookah from the manufacturer Alpha Hookah, which will emphasize your lifestyle! The main feature is its beautiful blowing, where the balls bounce like the volume level in the music player.

The shaft is made of high quality stainless steel and the decorative part and base are made of polyacetal. Hose attaches with a magnetic connector. The diffuser will eliminate unnecessary noise and vibrations during smoking.

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