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Heat Management System MattPear

Material: Stainless steel

AED 320

Available: 33 pcs

The long-awaited heat controller from the Krasnodar well-known manufacturer MattPear, made of high-quality duralumin, which is resistant to rotting and corrosion. MattPear has thought of every hole in the kaloud: it will evenly heat all the tobacco stuffed into the bowl and will not let it cool down. The lid will help keep a certain heat for a long time.

Kaloud for hookah MattPear Kolodka is an analogue of Kaloud Lotus from MattPear, probably known to everyone in the hookah market. A very interesting kaloud - firstly, the heat supply system - prevents ash and sparks from entering the bowl, which makes it unlikely to be bitter because of this. Secondly, very high quality materials - even the handle of the kaloud is made of ebonite, which does not allow it to heat up and makes it convenient to work with it. Well, strange, but true - the manufacturer claims that this kaloud smokes best when it has a touch of tobacco! In short, the bomb!

Kaloud is an interesting accessory that allows you to regulate the incoming heat from coals to tobacco. It is used instead of foil (placed on top of the bowl). Its use makes smoking easier and more effective. Very convenient, fast and practical!

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