Biggest Premium Hookah and Shisha Shop

Biggest Premium Hookah and Shisha Shop

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Hookah Market - Shisha and Accessories

HookahMarket is the largest chain of shisha and hookah accessories online. We offer original, high-quality products from manufacturers in Russia and other countries. You will find products from Mattpear, Alpha Hookah, NaGrani, Werkbund, Union, DSH, Maklaud, and other brands in the catalog. We not only take orders but also deliver to your doorstep in Dubai.

You can also buy genuine hookah accessories in our hookah shop. You will find bowls, flasks, hoses, mouthpieces, bags, etc. There are models for beginners and experienced smokers. Together with us, you can get a better smoking experience.


Alpha Hookah

Our online shisha shop offers products from Alpha Hookah. The brand focuses on producing stylish and practical shahs and accessories designed with customers in mind. The products are made of quality materials and will help to bring out any tobacco at its best. With a wide range of hookahs, you'll be able to find the right one for you.

Available: 15 pcs
Available: 33 pcs
Available: 15 pcs
Available: 46 pcs

Anima Hookah from Czech Republic

You can buy shisha from Anima Hookah here. The difference between the brand and others is its original approach to product manufacture. It combines the tradition of Czech glass production with modern technology. The result is practical hookahs in a stylish and memorable design that fully unleashes the flavor of the poured tobacco.

Available: 6 pcs
Available: 4 pcs
Available: 1 pcs
Available: 4 pcs

El Bomber Hookahs

In our online shop in Dubai you can buy Russian El Bomber hookahs. They combine a bright and unique cyberpunk-inspired design, high quality materials and assembly. Among the models presented in the catalog you will be able to find something for yourself. The brand's products are suitable for use at home and in establishments.

Available: 2 pcs
Available: 1 pcs
Available: 5 pcs
Available: 6 pcs
Available: 2 pcs
Available: 2 pcs
Available: 5 pcs
Available: 1 pcs

Best Selling Shisha Bowls / Heads

Bowl / Head FOX Dead White
Tobacco consumption: 15-18g
Available: 35 pcs
Bowl / Head HookahJohn Ferris
Tobacco consumption: 12-14g
Available: 28 pcs
Available: 224 pcs
Bowl / Head FOX Mummy
Tobacco consumption: 15-20g
Available: 8 pcs

Why Hookah Market?

shopping_cart A large range

With us, you can buy shisha in different designs and shapes for other numbers of users.

sell Optimal prices

We offer products at an affordable price.

settings Accessories

There is shisha and everything you need for a pleasant smoking in any campaign.

local_shipping Delivery

We can deliver your order to the address you specify.

Russian Hookah

What can you order from us

If you're considering where to buy shisha in Dubai, look closer at our range. The HookahMarket online shop offers products from manufacturers in Russia. Only original goods are purchased directly from the brands. We can offer our clients everything they need for quality smoking at home or in a place, alone or a big company.

In our online hookah store, you can buy the following:

The shisha shop HookahMarket is constantly expanding its range, so you can find tried and tested classic products from various brands and new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

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